Stop smoking: 10 other Tips to Quit.

In our latest article on smoking, we shared 10 tips for quitting smoking. Well that's not all - here are 10 more tips to help you overcome this habit that hurts your health.

In our latest article on smoking, we shared 10 tips for quitting smoking. Well that's not all - here are 10 more tips to help you overcome this habit that hurts your health.
Repeat, Fail, Repeat Fail .... Succeed!

1- Prepare a list of things to do when the urge to smoke strikes you:

Some suggestions include: taking a walk, drinking a glass of water, kissing your partner or child, throwing the ball to the dog, washing the car, cleaning a closet, having sex, chewing gum, washing your face, brushing your teeth, taking a nap, taking a cup of coffee or tea, taking a deep breath, lighting a candle. When you feel like smoking, check this list and quickly find something else to do.

2- Instead of taking a cigarette break at work, play a game on your phone, or go for a walk:

It takes about the same amount of time and is much more fun (although, like smoking, it could be addictive). If your employer prohibits this type of play, find another 5-minute hobby: a phone call, a walk or eating fruit outside (but not where smokers gather).

3- Make an appointment with an acupuncturist:

Ear acupuncture could slow down cravings for cigarettes with some success. That's what Ather Ali, N.D., a graduate naturopath who is completing postdoctoral research at the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center in Derby, Connecticut, under a fellowship offered by the National Institutes of Health, says.

4- Stop by the health food store to buy an extract of Avena sativa (oats):

One study found that taking 1ml of Avena sativa four times a day significantly reduces the number of cigarettes smoked by smokers.

5- Take a cup of herbal tea every time you would usually take out a cigarette:

This can be at lunch, mid-morning or after meals. Brewing the infusion and enjoying it slowly while it cools will relieve your stress as a puff of nicotine would.

6- Change your smoking habit to a nut habit:

Eat 4 nuts to peel for each cigarette you want to smoke. This way, you use your hands and mouth, getting the same physical and oral sensations you would have to smoke. Or carry cinnamon toothpicks with you. Suck one every time you feel like smoking.

7- Think about improving your appearance:

Tobacco damages your appearance. It causes the formation of wrinkles and spots, sags the skin and ages several years.  "Every time you inhale the smoke from a cigarette, 4000 harmful substances enter your lungs," says Dr. Peter Selby, Clinical Director of Addiction Programs at Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. "You accelerate the aging of your body, your face, your teeth and your skin." The harmful effects of smoking on facial wrinkles, skin health and elasticity have been known for over 30 years. But researchers now have a better understanding of how the toxic chemicals in tobacco produce, at multiple levels, what is known as the "smoker's face". The message is clear enough: to have beautiful skin and live longer, do not smoke.

8- Display the following list in a busy area of your home:

Every time you're tempted to light one, take a look at what smoking can do to your health:

  • Increases the risk of lung, bladder, pancreatic, oral, esophageal and other cancers, including leukemia;
  • Reduces fertility;
  • Contributes to bone thinning;
  • Affects mental abilities and memory;
  • Reduces folacin levels. Insufficient folacin levels increase risk of heart disease, depression and Alzheimer's disease;
  • Increases the probability of impotence;
  • Disturbs smell and taste;
  • Causes premature or low birth weight babies;
  • Increases the risk of depression in adolescents;
  • Increases risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure;
  • Increases the risk of diabetes tenfold;
  • Increases your child's risk of obesity and diabetes later in life if you smoked during pregnancy;
  • As soon as you quit smoking, you improve your health; your body reacts positively. If you can focus on its benefits, you will be able to successfully crush.

9- Wait ten minutes:

When you feel the urgency to light a cigarette (and are about to), look at your watch and wait ten minutes. During this time, take deep, deep breaths, as if you were inhaling the smoke from a cigarette. Deep breathing will fill your lungs with fresh, smoke-free air and create a relaxed state. The urgent need to smoke will pass before the end of the ten minutes and you will then be better able to overcome the craving state.

10- If you relapse, just start over:

You didn't fail. Some people have to try up to 8 times before they succeed. Be indulgent towards yourself and above all, don't give up!
For us, the last advice is the best, no one can succeed the first time and it is only with repetition and patience that we can succeed, good luck!


In our latest article on smoking, we shared 10 tips for quitting smoking. Well that's not all - here are 10 more tips to help you overcome this habit that hurts your health.
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